Solar Pakistan - #SolarPak2018

Solar Pakistan is designed to serve the solar market by bringing together the industry leaders, manufacturers and suppliers under one roof to seek new business technologies, solutions and other services. The 2018 edition of Solar Pakistan will takes place at Lahore Expo Centre from 29 – 31 March 2018.

The event will focus on photovoltaic, smart energy solutions and technology, energy storage systems & renewable heating. By participating one can avail the opportunity of networking, visibility and value in the solar market of Pakistan.

Studies suggest that the reliance of solar energy can be effective in combating the current power crisis in the country. Many developed economies have already started utilizing clean and renewable energy solutions due to which their installation cost has decreased globally. This is high time that Pakistan began to adopt this trend so that it can get over the energy deficit and speed up the rate of its growth.

Why Pakistan?

Energy is the lifeline of any country. Unfortunately, Pakistan is facing chronic and severe energy crisis which has badly affected the industry and economy. The reasons for acute energy crisis in Pakistan is that it depends too much on non-renewable energy sources – gas and oil – to meet industrial/domestic demands. The only way for Pakistan to overcome chronic energy crisis is to shift from conventional and non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources which are environment-friendly as well. Among all renewable energy sources the solar energy is the most plentiful and widely spread in the country.

Solar PV power potential has been estimated as 1600 GW which is about 80 times greater than current non-renewable energy power generation in Pakistan. Many solar plants are in pipeline under
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Pakistan has also the potential of generating electricity through wind. Wind in southern and coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan should be harnessed to generate electricity. Electricity in Pakistan can also be generated through biomass energy. Pakistan has the potential of 1500 MW electricity generation through biomass-based power.

According to the World Bank, Pakistan has become the first country to benefit from duly validated, high-quality solar maps under a global initiative, allowing it to tap into its renewable energy resources more effectively. Pakistan is now part of a small group comprising mainly developed countries with access to sustainable and affordable sources of indigenous energy.

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