Solar Pakistan Exhibition 2018 - 7th International Premier Solar Power,Energy Exhibition & Conference

Solar Pakistan Exhibition 2018

Solar-LogoThe main focus of this exhibition is to highlight the importance of the most practical and readily available non-conventional renewable resource i.e. Solar Energy. Studies suggest that the reliance of solar energy can be effective in combating the current power crisis in the country. Many developed economies have already started utilizing clean and renewable energy solutions due to which their installation cost has decreased globally. This is high time that Pakistan began to adopt this trend so that it can get over the energy deficit and speed up the rate of its growth.

Solar Pakistan will be the biggest energy event in Pakistan to bring together the decision makers, stake holders and concerned authorizes on one platform where they can discuss a way forward on how to move ahead with a plan to control the ever increasing energy deficit in Pakistan.










Our Mission at Solar Pakistan.

Solar Fair Pakistan 2018 is design to serve and advance the solar market by bringing together the industry leaders, manufacturers and leaders to seek new business technologies, business solutions and other market factors. The objective of Solar Fair Pakistan 2018 is to increase the share of solar power in the energy supply around the globe.

FAKT is committed to provide the Solar Industry of Pakistan with platform for sharing information and strategies. Solar Fair Pakistan 2018will shape the solar energy supply of the future in collaboration with the strategic partners, supporting bodies, participants and speakers.

Vision of Solar Pakistan.

The Solar Fair Pakistan 2018 will focus solely on photovoltaic, smart energy solutions and technology, energy storage systems & renewable heating. By participating one can avail the opportunity of superior networking, visibility and value in the solar market of Pakistan.

From the past 4 expos and conferences, FAKT have been connecting the most influential stakeholders of solar industry as we have a comprehensive global network of partners in politics, science and associations.

Purchasing Authority for visitors

Attendees of Solar Fair Pakistan 2018 by FAKT are influential. On average, 92.5% of the visitors are involved in the evaluation, recommendation and final purchasing of equipment, services and materials which make them among the most influential buyers of the solar industry of Pakistan.

Why Exhibit?


Industry Updates

If there is one thing that is changing fast these days, it is the industry trends. Solar Pakistan will not only inform you about the latest trends, it will also make it easy for you to implement these changes and give you insight of the upcoming.

Launch / Re-launch of Products

Face-to-face interaction and product demos help a lot when you want to launch / re-launch a new product in the market and no other event is better than an exhibition in successfully doing so, so avail your best opportunity.

Professional Networking

Solar Pakistan 2018 is an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with industry experts and leaders. They are local and international influencers who are well-aware of the fickle market trends and will be sharing their knowledge and valuable suggestions to help you stay ahead of the industry.

Business Growth

Solar Pakistan will be attended by renowned exhibitors who will attract a number of prospects. This can be your chance to introduce your best products to these potential buyers and increase your sales.

Branding Opportunities

The marketing practice is t be there where you can reach out to the right audience and this is what Solar Pakistan is all about. It offers you an ideal platform to be with the best brands of the industry, increases the visibility of your brand and improves the overall image of your brand in the minds of customers.

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Solar Pakistan provides a platform to showcase latest technologies and innovation in renewable energy generation, storage and distribution. Solar Pakistan focuses on decentralized technologies of renewable energies and intelligent solution for the integration into energy system. The event provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of renewable energy source and how switching to renewable energy source can benefit and is expected to bring substantial foreign investment in the renewable energy sector of Pakistan.

Why Attend?


Today’s energy environment around the world is changing rapidly and vastly. Learn about the key policies that will change Pakistan and the World.


Network and build relationships with solar energy professionals and advocates from every part of the industry.


Discover what’s possible when incredible cutting-edge technology and brilliant professionals come together.


Prepare for the future of solar energy and source the important information that will ensure clean environment and increased earning.

The Organizer

FAKT Exhibitions (PVT) Ltd is the leader in organizing professional and well-coordinated events in Pakistan. The Company has had the honor of introducing some of the most innovative tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences which makes it a trendsetter in this industry. With its productive B2B and B2C events, FAKT Exhibitions (PVT) Ltd offers a perfect platform to exhibitors and visitors to come together and discuss the latest trends from across the world. This plays a vital role in implementation of better policies, equipment and laws and regulations that are at par with the international standards and are mandatory for the growth of the economy of Pakistan. and after the event


Countries Participating


Expected Visitors




Expected Exhibitors

Reasons You Should Opt for Solar Energy Solutions

The time has changed now. Due to pollution and depletion of non-renewable resources of energy, we are compelled look for new and better options. To our rescue, we have renewable resources of which solar energy is the most common choice among industry experts and professionals. Some of these reasons you should opt for Solar Energy for your business needs are mentioned below:


Just a few decades ago, we were heavily relying on non-renewable resources to generate energy. However, with the passage of time, the resources started to deplete and become scarce. As a result, their prices increased and the situation started to become tenser. Now that we have discovered effective, inexhaustible and reliable renewable options, our dependency on these traditional energy generating resources is decreasing.

Pollution-free Environment

Many traditional energy resources emit poisonous gases and lethal waste which is harmful for the survival of human beings. On the other hand, it is also damaging the planet Earth and causing the biggest catastrophe of all times which is Global Warming. Contrary to this, solar energy is not only environment friendly; it is nontoxic as well.


Though the initial investment on setting up a solar plant may be high, you will realize it later that renewable energy resources are comparatively less expansive and cost-effective than the regular available choices. It is the best option for businesses that are getting affected by the absence of electricity more than 3 hours a day which is a normal practice in many industrial areas as you are no more dependent on the state for your energy needs.


Alongside the Solar Pakistan Exhibition, there will be a conference that will be attended by the leading industry experts, professionals and other influential personalities. The aim of this conference is to create awareness about the usage of solar solutions and their benefits, share information about the cutting edge technology used and the latest trends that are driving the industry. Through this professional forum, you can meet and discuss your concerns and opinions with the Solar Energy Think Tank present at Solar Pakistan

Industry Overview

Pakistan is one of the fastest growing countries in the region. Considering the growing demand of energy in the country, solar energy can prove to be an effective alternative. Many large businesses have already started using solar energy to run their industries and others are willing to adopt the same after the reduction in capital bill.

Pakistan is currently spending $12 billion annually on the import of crude oil which increases the import bill to multiple folds. Out of this, 70% oil is used in generating power. Experts suggest that per unit cost us Rs. 18 on oil and Rs. 6-8 on solar. If we look at the bigger picture, with all these available renewable energy resources, we can easily cope with the energy crisis we are facing right now and get rid of hefty loans we take to stabilize our economy.

Pakistan has a huge potential for generating renewable energy from sources such as solar, wind, water and biomass. These untapped cheaper options can produce huge amounts of energy to meet the ever-increasing demands.

industry overviewnew


  • Policy and Decision Makers From Energy Sector
  • Renewable Energy Consultants
  • Operations and Maintenance Managers
  • Environment Agencies
  • Foreign Missions and Consul Generals
  • Government Officials
  • Business Magnates of Pakistan
  • Trade Delegations from Various Countries
  • Technology Developers
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Industrialist and Distributors


  • Solar Pakistan is attended by the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and business owners of the following industries / sectors:
  • Manufacturers Of Cell And Module Encapsulation, Crystal Growth Equipment, Diffusion Furnaces, Laminators, Mounting Systems, Concentrators, Trackers and Collectors
  • Wire Saws and Consumables
  • Silicon Feedstock, Ingot and Wafer Manufacturing
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Modules, Hybrid Systems, Materials and Equipment
  • Inverters, Charge Controllers, Batteries and Module Connectors
  • Street Lighting and Poles
  • Heat-Exchange and Recovery Equipment
  • Solar Cell Manufacturers
  • Solar Drying and Desalination Systems

Marketing & Promotional Campaign


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BGS Solar Summit

Supporting Bodies


Saudi Arabia Solar Industry Association

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Middle East Solar Industry Association


Solar GCC Alliance

UNEF – Spanish Solar Industry Association

UNEF – Spanish Solar Industry Association

BSW - German Solar Industry Association

BSW – German Solar Industry Association


Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies(PCRET)


British Photovoltaic Association



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Welcome to Solar Pakistan 2018. Solar Pakistan has been a benchmark exhibition for the industry that has completely revolutionized the trends.

Date & Time

The 7th International
Renewable Energy & Power Exhibition & Conference

March 29-31 2018
Lahore Expo Centre

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 304, 3rd Floor, Clifton Centre, Block-5 Clifton- 75600 Karachi Pakistan

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